Hiring A Lemon Law Attorney in LA

One of the worst experiences of my automotive life is when I purchased a 2001 325i BMW from a local dealership. Everything looked fine with this car, but it was absolutely not fine after a few weeks of driving this car. Everything started to go down hill very quickly. The first thing I noticed was that the transmission was having trouble shifting from fist gear into third gear. This was something that I was pretty sure some automatic transmission fluid would take care of. I was wrong. The problem only continued to get worse. It eventually got so bad that I had to take my car into a transmission shop. They told me that I would have to replace my whole transmission. This was going to be 1,700 dollars on my 4,500 dollar car. I loved this BMW, so i bit the bullet and fixed my transmission. Read more by visiting lemon law Attorneys in Los Angeles CA.

My car was running just fine for a days until my car started overheating regularly. This happened to the point where I would have to pull over my car and let it cool down on the side of the road. I took my car into the BMW dealership and they came back with some pretty bad news. My engine block was cracked and I would have to replace the whole engine. I was quoted at 3,500 dollars. I was very disappointed with this and decided to get my broken car towed back to my house and sell it for parts.

My dad told me that I had purchased a lemon when I called him up and told him the story. He told me that there is Los Angeles Lemon law attorney that can help me get my money back for lemons. I searched online and actually found an attorney who looked like he could help me out. I was so surprised at how easy it was to actually get my money back from the dealership. If these dealerships are dealing with an attorney, they are almost forced to give the money back if they want to stay in business. I was so happy to get my money back and I using it to buy another nicer Beamer! Visit there site today at http://www.lemonlawattorneyinla.com/ or visit the office at 1680 Vine St #315 Los Angeles, CA (310) 247-8230

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